The Defender pepper spray device connects to the Defender iPhone and Android app.
(Photo by Defender)

The Defender combines technology and self-defense to take personal protection to the next level. Simply put, this is a pepper spray device with an integrated flash camera which connects via Bluetooth to the Defender iPhone and Android app, and forwards a picture of your assailant to the proper authorities. In addition to receiving a photo of the attacker, authorities are also given your geo-location to dispatch help wherever you are in the US and Canada. The Defender also comes with a medical alert button for health situations and a siren to attract attention to your situation.

The Defender features the highest amount of pepper spray currently available to law enforcement. It is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $179. There is also a two-pack option available for $329. It comes with 12 months of 24/7 monitoring service. The estimated delivery date for the Defender is February of 2015. See below for additional details.


* 24/7 Monitoring: Trained safety and medical alert response service
* Bluetooth: Connects to smartphone via bluetooth
* Camera: Integrated camera to forward an assailant’s picture to authorities
* GPS: Knows your location to dispatch help wherever you are
* Siren: Small but mighty speaker attracts attention
* Pepper Spray: Highest concentration of pepper spray available
* Save Personal, Medical, and Insurance Information
* Preset alerts for safety and medical alerts

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