Carbondale Martial Arts and Fitness — a Carbondale, Illinois-based gym with a number of specialized programs — hosted a workplace shooting class over the weekend.

According to WSIL, head trainer Levi Wampler demonstrated a number of different self-defense techniques to effectively fight off an aggressor who attacks an office or work site.

In addition, Wampler showed how to use an improvised weapon and how to deal with law enforcement when they arrive on the scene.

“With self defense, you just want to get home safely,” said Wampler. “So we’re showing them simple ways they can escape the situation or fight if they have to. If you’re too close to the person to make an exit quickly, then sometimes it’s the best idea to attack that person.”

As WSIL points out, Carbondale Martial Arts and Fitness hosts different self-defense classes for different situations, such as the CarJacking Escapes Workshop, which was held on Sept. 13.

“Imagine your are driving to dinner with your family one night, as you pull up to the stop light someone shoves a gun to your head through the window,” the description reads. “He pulls you out of the car then drives off with your family still in the car. Carjacking is a very scary crime. It can happen to anyone, anywhere.”

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