A local sheriff’s office in Louisiana is set to offer concealed carry classes for anybody interested in learning how to “properly, safely, and confidently handle a weapon,” WAFB” target=”_blank”>WAFB reported

As WAFB notes, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Ofice will host the first concealed carry class on Sept. 20 at their training center and firing range, located at 28225 Woodside Drive in Walker. The classes are divided into two separate portions: classroom and weapons firing instruction. Here, students will fulfill the necessary requirements to apply for a concealed carry permit.

“The instructors are tasked with training and qualifying other members of the law enforcement community,” said Sheriff Jason Ard. “They teach various firearm skills – from basic firearms to training specialized tactical units. They are more than qualified to help those interested in this particular class.”

The cost of attendance is $125, which includes breakfast and lunch, WAFB said. You must be at least 21 years of age and meet state police requirements. For more information, go to

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