The following press release was issued by Midwest Gun Works:

Midwest Gun Works Inc., (MGW), a one-stop shop for firearms parts, accessories and gunsmithing services, announces the KICK-EEZ section at KICK-EEZ manufactures a wide selection of shooting supplies and recoil pads made of Sorbothane, which provides shock absorption and reduces recoil effectively and quickly. Less recoil reduces flinching, easing of sore shoulders and cheeks and eliminates recoil in all shooting conditions. All of these products are ideal for hunters, recreational and competitive shooters and are designed to help eliminate the rebound effect of the first shot, allowing for faster and more accurate second shots.

The KICK-EEZ 400 Series Trap Recoil Pad doesn’t just slow recoil down, it actually cuts the kick dramatically by absorbing it. Made from soft, springy Sorbothane, this pad ends next-day hurt, tames large caliber flinch and allows recoil-sensitive shooters to shoot in comfort. This pad won’t ever bottom out; grind and shape like regular recoil pads, but do not allow heat to build up. The 400 Series Trap is curved and ribbed faced. This pad has a concave face and was designed especially for “Fixed Position” trapshooting. It has horizontal ribbing on the surface to further increase stability. The KICK-EEZ 400 Series Trap Recoil Pad is available at MGW for $35.00.

Put an end to feeling beat up and sore the day after shooting with the KICK-EEZ 703 Series Cheek Eez Cheek Protector. Genuine, Sorbothane recoil absorbing rubber is pre-cut with an adhesive back to fit quickly on hard-kicking shotguns or rifles. Simply peel and stick to any cheek piece. Three thicknesses allow fast comb height adjustments. An oval-shaped sheet of microcellular urethane adheres to your gun comb to virtually eliminate recoil shock to the cheek. These pads are also very useful if you need some adjustment to your “line of sight.” The KICK-EEZ 703 Series Cheek Eez Cheek Protector is available at MGW for $12.95.

The Sorbothane Hand Eez PALM SWELL absorbs shock and vibration which helps to alleviate hand and finger cramps. It will also help reduce hand fatigue, thus increasing the shooter’s ability to control the gun. The PALM SWELL has checkering which gives a professional look and custom fit. This item is not recommended for guns that have a lot of checkering, high gloss oil finishes or most synthetic stocks. The Hand Eez PALM SWELL is available for right or left hands at MGW for $11.95.

The KICK-EEZ Eezy Fit recoil pad is diagonally cut at the heel so it won’t catch on clothing, making it easier and faster to shoulder when shooting a sporting clays course or hunting a bird. Made from exclusive Sorbothane material that is soft and springy, this pad soaks up recoil force and prevents sore, next-day shoulder. It can be ground and fit just like conventional rubber pads. The Eezy Fit was designed with an elliptical hole especially for those difficult-to-fit stocks, such as Benelli (including synthetic), the Browning Gold, the Beretta 390 and many other problem fittings. The KICK-EEZ® Eezy Fit recoil pad is available at MGW for $38.95.

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