(Photo by WOWT)

An Omaha homeowner used his personal firearm to defend his four-year-old daughter from a dangerous intruder.

According to Omaha.com, police responded to a call at the home near 72nd Street and Sorensen Parkway at 9 a.m. to discover that the homeowner, Larry Rohatsch, 48, had shot and killed an intruder.

A neighbor who lives nearby said she heard Rohatsch’s daughter tell police she was in bed when she heard the doorbell ring twice. She said she heard the door get kicked in, and saw a man standing outside the bathroom with something in his hand.

“My daddy shot him,” the daughter allegedly said.

Under Nebraska law, a homeowner has the right to use lethal force during a home invasion if they believe their life is in danger.

“You have a right to defend yourself,” the neighbor said. “If you have to shoot, you should shoot.”

The intruder — identified as 48-year-old Darrell W. Miller — had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, Omaha.com reports.

As WOWT notes, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine has ruled that the shooting was justified and Rohatsch will not face any charges related to the incident.

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