As the market continues to be flooded with hundreds of concealed carry handbags of varying styles and prices, Florida-based importer European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp) has introduced the Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert, which converts ordinary purses or satchels into concealed carry systems.

“Manufactured and assembled in the USA, D’Wedge’s easy design fits into most internal purse compartments,” the press release reads. “Simple, adjustable components permit the user to increase or decrease the width of D’Wedge for a snug placement inside. Once a firm position has been established, the hook and loop holster design allows the user to adjust to his or her user-unique griping and retrieval style. Affordably priced and available for immediate purchase, D’Wedge was designed to turn your personal handbag into an extraordinary concealed carry system.”

The Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert, which, as previously mentioned, is user-adjustable for increased or decreased width, has a maximum length of 14 inches, a minimum length of 10 inches, a width of 2.75 inches and a height of 5.5 inches. It is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $49.95.


* SKU: 999875
* Max Length: 14”
* Min Length: 10”
* Width: 2.75”
* Height: 5.5”
* MSRP: $49.95

“EAA Corporation/US Sporting Goods (USSG) is an importer of quality firearms,” the company’s Facebook page reads. “We provide a wide variety of hand guns and long guns for every type of shooter.” For more information about the Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert, and the full range of products currently offered by European American Armory Corporation, please visit

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