If you live in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, you’d be well-advised to check out the women’s self-defense class being taught at Brazen Boxing and MMA.

These free classes are held every Sunday, and, as co-owner Jason Sargus told 6ABC Action News, students are taught what to do to help them get out of a dangerous situation.

“You’re learning basics of self-defense, basics of Jiu Jitsu,” said Sargus, who added that self-defense is something every woman should know.

“When someone grabs you … and they have a strong grip, people tend to want to pull back, which pulls the assailant into you … not a great idea,” he explained.

As 6ABC Action News reports, Brazen Boxing and MMA trains professional fighters, doctors, lawyers, and even children. Even better, it provides a great workout.

“You’re engaging the core. You’re moving 5, 6, 7 minute rounds … A lot of calories burned,” Sargus said.

And he says once you’re trained in martial arts, you’re less likely to even be a target.

Fun Fact: Jason Sargus trained with UFC title holder Randy Couture, who is now moving his feet in a different way on Dancing with the Stars.

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