With survival prepping increasing in popularity, author Robert A. Sadowski compiled a list of 14 potential handguns that could be enlisted as bug-out bag firepower for the December 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS. Designed to keep its user alive for 72 hours, the gear within a bug-out bag must be able to perform perfectly when needed, a consideration Sadowski took seriously in creating his list of handguns, including the Glock 17 Gen4 and the Kel-Tec PMR-30.

“The Glock 17 is the brand’s original full-size pistol. It’s chambered in 9mm and has a capacity of 17+1 rounds. Nearly 65 percent of all U.S. law enforcement personnel use Glock pistols, and there is a reason for that: Glocks work in every type of environment imaginable, they are accurate, and the training ramp-up time is nil when compared to other sidearms,” said Sadowski. “The Gen4 variant offers better texture and gripping for operators of all hand sizes. It is made of polymer and steel and weighs 32.1 ounces loaded.”

While only loaded in .22 WMR, Sadowski was impressed by the Kel-Tec PMR-30 for its versatility, light weight and large 30+1 capacity.

“The .22 WMR is not exactly a man-stopper, but the Kel-Tec PMR-30 packs 30 rounds in the magazine. Yes, 30. While a combatant may be reloading, you can keep firing to end the confrontation or get out of harm’s way,” said Sadowski. “It is simply designed in lightweight polymer and steel and is no bigger than any full-size pistol. The controls—ambidextrous thumb safety, slide stop and magazine release—are not overly complicated. Unloaded, the pistol weighs 13.6 ounces. This is a good compromise between weight and firepower. It has hunting applications, and the ammo, while not too uncommon, is lightweight, allowing you to pack more of it.”

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