Walther CCP

The release of the Walther CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) prompted author Dennis Adler to not only review the new pistol for the fall 2014 issue of POCKET PISTOLS, but also investigate the company’s other notable pocket pistol designs as well. Aside from the 9mm CCP and its innovative “Soft Coil” recoil design, Adler also looked at concealed carry features for the Walther PPS and PPK models.

“Field stripping the CCP reveals an amalgamation of old and new technology, with
a PPK-style fixed barrel and a single, large recoil spring. Aside from that, however, the operation of the gun is unlike any other Walther. The CCP utilizes a “Soft Coil” gas-delayed blowback action,” said Adler. “When fired, a portion of the gas pressure from the ignited cartridge is directed downward through a small port in the bottom of the barrel and into a chamber located inside the frame. Think of it as a secondary recoil system that is otherwise passive if the gun is not being fired. This allows the primary recoil spring to be lighter, reducing slide resistance when chambering
a round or clearing the gun.”

Further into the article, the striker-fired Walther PPS impressed Adler with its ultra-compact size, light weight and its ability to handle the 9mm cartridge.

“As a concealed carry sidearm, the PPS ventured into territory previously occupied by smaller caliber semi-autos. Introduced in 2008, the PPS, with its 3.2-inch barrel, can almost hide behind a PPK/S, yet it fires the more powerful 9mm round,” noted Adler. “The standard magazine holds seven rounds, and there is a more compact six-round version that fits flush to the bottom of the grips. An optional eight-round magazine is also available.”

To read the full article, check out the fall 2014 issue of POCKET PISTOLS, available on September 30, 2014. To purchase or subscribe, go to https://www.personaldefenseworld.com/subscribe.

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