For the 2015 issue of CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUNS, author Megan Amselle looked to discover the cutting-edge designs becoming available for female shooter interested in daily concealed carry. In a review ranging from holster designs to concealment clothing to off-body carry options, Amselle found what was new and exciting in the women’s self-defense market.

“Concealment apparel with a built-in holster can often be more comfortable than carrying a separate holster. Since the gun’s pocket is integral to the garment, its weight is dispersed and its outline is shielded,” said amselle. “UnderTech Undercover makes a popular Concealment Tank Top, and they’ve expanded the line with more options to fit your style. Now available in black, white or nude, the camisole will blend well with any outfit. Whether you choose the full-length or the midriff-length tank, the silky, stretchy fabric is perfectly comfortable for all-day wear. Each tank has a holster pocket on either side for ambidextrous use.”

Amselle found a number of holster designs that masked the presence of a concealed carry firearm by altering the appearance of the rig. “One of the most innovative new products on the market is Sneaky Pete’s Belt Clip Holster. This holster is a square, leather case that you would assume held some kind of smartphone.”

The option to conceal a firearm in a purse or tote bag also piqued Amselle’s interest, as she investigated the off-body offerings from Concealed Carrie.

“Off-body carry continues to be extremely popular and can be very stylish, although this method of carry requires the user to be extra mindful against theft or loss,” said amselle. “Concealed Carrie is a new concealment bag company with a fresh assortment of satchels, totes, clutches and laptop cases to tempt those in the market for a bag. All its designs have a separate compartment for the holster, to prevent firearms getting entangled with whatever jumble occupies the rest of the purse.”

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