For the “Ladies Only” column in the December 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, author Michelle Cerino examined whether crossdraw or strong-side holster rigs presented an advantage for women wishing to practice concealed carry. To determine if there was any advantage to either style, Cerino decided to us two well-known designs from Galco: the inside-the-waistband COP 3 Slot and the crossdraw-style Hornet.

“Favoring the strong side, I wore the
 COP 3 Slot with my S&W Bodyguard .38 Special first. It slipped on easily with the way I wear my belt. I used the bottom slot on the two-slot side since I don’t prefer a forward cant,” noted Cerino in her review. “Doing various chores around the house, I didn’t have any problems with it getting in my way. Matter of fact, I almost forgot I was carrying. The thumb retention was easy to use and I had no problem drawing when I was standing.”

Halfway through her testing, Cerino switched to see if the Galco’s crossdraw-style Hornet presented a different concealed carry experience to the user.

“On the fourth day I switched to wearing the Hornet with my S&W Model 442 .38 Special. This holster required me
 to switch the way I wore my belt. I had to put the belt through my pant loops, starting from the right rather than the left. Not a big deal, but something I had to think through,” said Cerino. “As a right-handed shooter, I first put the holster on over the rear of my left pocket. This caused the same issues as with the strong-side holster: the butt of the gun rubbing my ribs.”

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