In an article for the 2015 issue of CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUNS, author Zack Carlson explained the advantages of full-size carry and what a user would need to do to properly accessorize for the task. Along with his discussion of carrying a concealed full-size pistol, Carlson explored the holster options and attire necessary to keeping the gun out of sight.

“Most people cite the extra magazine capacity and larger grip as main advantages to a full-size pistol. It is also sometimes true that a full-size pistol may be more reliable than a subcompact pistol. Taking Glock autopistols as an example, you are able to carry 17+1 rounds of 9mm in the full-size, whereas in the compact you get 15+1 and in the subcompact you get 10+1,” said Carlson. “Those extra seven rounds of capacity nearly double your rounds in the pistol when you decide to go full size. The full size also has a longer barrel. Using our Glock example, with the difference between the Glock 26’s 3.42-inch barrel and the Glock 17’s 4.48-inch barrel, you can expect an increase of velocity of around 100 fps.”

In discussing holster options, Carlson focused largely on inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters for everyday carry. “Using a vest or any other outer cover garment can make OWB a great way to carry. It doesn’t require larger pants, and a good OWB holster can easily support the extra weight. A good OWB holster will suck the pistol to the body, and up high enough that it won’t require a very low-hanging cover garment,” said Carlson. “For OWB use, I recommend full belt loops that require the belt to thread through and don’t allow the holster to simply clip on and off. On an IWB holster I use and trust clips, but with OWB you don’t have anything supporting the outside of the holster, so I prefer full loops.”

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