Watch Adler’s video overview of the Green Guide Rod Laser below!

In the upcoming 2015 issue of HANDGUN BUYER’S GUIDE, author Dennis Adler test-fires LaserMax’s new Green Guide Rod Laser in his Glock 22 Gen4 in .40 S&W. Adler writes, “Guide rod lasers for Glock pistols have been in use for some time by law enforcement and military personnel as well as civilians, but they have all been red lasers—until now.

“LaserMax has introduced the most compact green laser ever produced, one small enough to fit into the dimensions of a Glock guide rod! The technology was already established with red laser guide rods, but it took a new design approach to put a green laser into a guide rod. LaserMax calls it ‘Native Green’ laser technology, a breakthrough in downsizing green lasers that makes this the smallest and most durable on the market.

“The new technology also mitigates many of the issues green lasers have had in the past with temperature extremes. Native Green technology offers greater stability and the enhanced visibility green lasers provide in brightly lighted or daylight conditions. Where Native Green differs is that, unlike traditional green lasers that convert infrared light through crystals to synthesize green laser light (known as diode-pumped solid-state, or DPSS, technology), the LaserMax guide rod emits its green laser natively through a groundbreaking green laser diode that eliminates the need for DPSS technology.

“Like the Red Guide Rod Lasers built by LaserMax for Glock pistols, the new green laser replaces the standard Glock guide rod and recoil spring, slide lock release and slide lock spring. The slide lock release (used for disassembly) becomes the on/off switch for the laser by pressing it inward from either side. When the lever is centered, the laser is off. This allows activation at the operator’s discretion.”

To learn more, check out the 2015 issue of HANDGUN BUYER’S GUIDE, available on newsstands and digitally October 7, 2014. To purchase, visit

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