In the upcoming 2015 issue of HANDGUN BUYER’S GUIDE, author David Bahde test-fires the new Talon II Bobtail 1911 pistol in .45 ACP from Nighthawk Custom, a company known for its high-quality guns. Bahde writes, “Nighthawk’s Talon pistols are some of the company’s most popular models. They are combat-ready, custom-grade 1911 pistols with all the features you need, and you can always customize your order to get whatever other features you might want. Nighthawk Custom allows you to make changes as needed. The Talon is built on a full-sized frame, and the Talon II is built on a Commander-style frame. As its name implies, my test gun features a bobtail-style grip for enhanced concealed-carry capabilities.

“Starting with solid forgings, the slide and frame are cut in the company’s Berryville, Arkansas, facility, and my test model featured a hard chrome finish on both. The standard Talon II Bobtail is fitted with a 4.25-inch, stainless steel barrel. My test pistol came with Nighthawk Custom’s National Match Carbon barrel expertly fit- ted to a stainless steel bushing. The pistol utilizes a standard Commander-sized guide rod and plunger, so the Talon II is easy to dissemble in the field—no tools are needed.

“The top of the slide is serrated to prevent glare. The rear of the slide is also serrated, matching the back of the Heinie Ledge Straight Eight tritium rear sight. This sight has a wider notch with a single tritium insert centered just below it. Paired with the tritium front sight, target acquisitions are fast in any lighting condition.

“Since the pistol is designed for concealed carry, any sharp edges that could snag on clothing during the draw or print through clothing have been removed from the slide and frame. The high-cut grip frame features checkering to lock the Talon II nicely in your hands. The extended grip safety is also blended nicely into the frame. The top of the Ed Brown Bobtail mainspring housing/magazine well is checkered to ensure a solid grip.”

To learn more, check out the 2015 issue of HANDGUN BUYER’S GUIDE, available on newsstands and digitally October 7, 2014. To purchase, visit

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