In an attempt to better organize his concealed carry accessories while on the go, author Tim Chandler reviewed the ModuLoader Pocket Shield. The small, light pocket platform allows the user to carry a variety of defensive implements without shifting inside the pocket or “printing” through clothing.

“The two wing tips at the top effectively anchor the Pocket Shield in the pocket so you don’t end up pulling the whole thing out when trying to draw your flashlight, knife or spare magazine. The Pocket Shield tends to curve slightly when carried, creating enough air space to allow you to get a secure grip on the implement you’re pulling, which, thanks to the Pocket Shield, is exactly where you expect it to be,” said Chandler. “If you’re reaching for something like a small fixed-blade knife or a reload, time is of the essence. You may need to access them from awkward or disadvantaged mid-fight positions, which is easier if the items remain in consistent locations and orientations in the pocket.”

After some field testing, Chandler was impressed the easy accessibility the Pocket Shield provided for the numerous defensive implements he likes to carry every day.

“After playing with it a bit myself and seeing how others are using it, (attaching everything from holsters to epi-pens to it) I’ve found it to be a pretty useful bit of kit. My favorite application so far is putting it in the left pocket of my gym shorts with my SureFire E2E and a knife attached. Prior to the Pocket Shield, I just carried the light and was forced to fish around in my pocket to get a hold on it. Now I can easily index the light and I can get my hands on my knife as well.”

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