Sig Sauer P290RS
Sig Sauer P290RS

For the December 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, author Sara Ahrens put the Sig Sauer P290RS through a serious examination to determine if the double-action-only (DAO) .380 ACP was truly up to the task of handling backup and everyday carry duties.

“When I received the P290RS, I took it to my property where I have a mini shooting gallery. In order to familiarize myself with the P290RS, I shot at steel plates with Federal American Eagle 95-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition. For such a small gun, the Sig P290RS is comfortable to shoot, and I found it to be pretty accurate right out of the box, consistently hitting the steel plates.”

The Sig P290RS’ trigger became a focal point throughout Ahrens’ review, with the author enjoying the gun’s heavy but consistent DAO trigger pull during range testing.

“I could detect no obvious overtravel
 once the shot broke. The trigger pull distance is longer than most firearms I have shot. This is something that I would have noticed because it almost felt as if the trigger wasn’t going to break before reaching the rearmost position,” noted Ahrens. “The average trigger weight on the P290RS is 9 pounds; the weight and the pull distance is something that should be considered when purchasing this firearm for novice shooters, or shooters who may not have finger strength.”

Ahrens continued, “Overall, the travel of the P290RS’ trigger was smooth and consistent. I habitually reset my trigger whenever shooting, so when I couldn’t feel a discernable reset on the P290RS, I short-stroked it repeatedly. The trigger must be returned fully forward to reset it and after enough repetitions I was able to adapt. Though I am not a huge fan of DAO firearms, I really do like the P290RS.”

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