A longtime fan of Springfield Armory’s XD designs, author Dennis Adler took a closer look at the new 4.0 XD-S semi-autos for the 2015 issue of CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUNS. With an extended barrel length (4 inches) from the 3.3-inch models, the compact, striker-fired 4.0 XD-S designs offer low carry weights and a choice of either 9mm or .45 ACP stopping power.

“The 4.0 XD-S models might feel a little nose heavy, but they have excellent balance in the hand, particularly when using a two-handed hold, since there is a little more slide out front. The extended length also means more room ahead of the dust cover rail for a tactical light
or light/laser combination,” said Adler. “In all other respects the 4.0 XD-S models maintain standard XD-S features, including the Ultra Safety Assurance blade trigger safety and the secondary 1911-type grip safety. To discharge any XD-S model both safeties must be engaged simultaneously. This makes it an excellent choice for concealed carry.”

At the range, Adler was impressed by the design’s ergonomics and noted several benefits to those using the 4.0 XD-S as a daily CCW or backup weapon.

“The 4.0 XD-S models feel more substantial in the hand than expected. They still have a good-sized grip frame, with the little finger tucked easily under the base of the standard magazine floorplate. (The optional extended-capacity magazines add two rounds and 1 inch of additional length for a full-hand grasp),” said Adler. “The grip safety engages easily and the center of balance shifts only slightly forward with the longer barrel and slide. There is also the undercut triggerguard, which allows the middle finger to rest higher up when gripping the guns.”

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