Taurus 85VTA View
Taurus 85VTA View

For the 2015 issue of CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUNS, author Dennis Adler explored the advantages offered by the current lineup of Taurus’ snub-nose revolvers. Adler included reviews of Taurus’ Ultra-Lite and Defender models as well as its new Taurus 85VTA View.

“Taurus snub-nose models have a rounded butt configuration. They are fitted with energy-absorbing rubber grips that have a pebble grain finish on the sides and combat-style finger grooves 
in the frontstrap for a more secure hold,” said Adler. “It is old and new technology in harmony, creating an entire series of snub-noses that fit the average hand, are easy to operate, accurate at average combat distances and easy to carry concealed in a shoulder, belt, IWB, ankle or pocket holster.”

In his discussion of the Ultra-Lite series, Adler came away impressed by the low weights of these particular designs while maintaining stopping power as high as .38 Special +P and .44 Mag in models.

“Taurus Ultra-Lite models use an aluminum alloy frame to reduce carry weight and are available with all of the same features as other Model 85 revolvers chambered in .38 Special +P. There are two principal versions in blue or matte stainless finishes, and carry weight is reduced from the standard Model 85’s 21 ounces to a very modest 17 ounces. All models are double-action/single-action and have an overall length of 6.5 inches.”

The company’s most recent addition to its snub-nose line, the .38 Special Taurus View, also caught Adler’s eye. The View allows user to observe the revolver’s trigger operation via a see-through Lexan side plate.

“The new Taurus View resets the standard for small concealed carry .38 Special revolvers. The ultra-lightweight View
tips the scale at a remarkable 9 ounces (empty). Reminiscent of cutaway display guns, the View’s alloy frame has a clear Lexan right sideplate that reveals the operation of the trigger and hammer mechanisms. Although limited strictly to .38 Special (no +P rating), this is the smallest five-shot .38 Special revolver on the market with an overall length of 5.67 inches, 1.35 inches in width (cylinder) and 3.5 inches in height,” said Adler.

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