For the fall 2014 issue of POCKET PISTOLS, author Zack Carlson provided readers with a roundup of the top ultra-compact CCW laser sights available for compact firearms today. Carlson suggests that advances in laser technology, including extended run times and increasingly compact designs, make them a natural add-on for any concealed carry gun.

“Laser technology has come a long way in recent years. From the bulky systems of the 1980s and 1990s with their short battery lives and heavy weights, today’s options seem downright futuristic. Combining light weights, long-lasting batteries, rugged durability, affordable costs and often the choice of red or green colors, today’s laser systems are better than ever.” said Carlson.

One of the models Carlson selected for his review was the Crimson Trace Laserguard, a design that has been quick to adapt to the new Glock 42 platform. “The Crimson Trace LaserGuard design is elegant in its activation and fit. The two plastic housing halves secure around the triggerguard, and the activation switch is conveniently located under the triggerguard, along the vertical edge of the grip. This is ideal placement because your middle finger naturally squeezes in this location, activating the laser.”

Carlson also highlighted the Viridian Reactor series and its advanced green laser technology for improved sighting during daylight conditions.

“Viridian is well known for its compact green lasers and flashlights, but it is also taking some of that technology and moving it into its Reactor series for pocket pistols. The company has come out with Reactors for the Ruger LCP/LC9, the S&W M&P Shield, Kahr’s 9mm and .40 pistols, and the new Glock 42. One of the Reactor’s most ingenious features is the unit’s Instant-On feature. When you draw the gun from the included ECR Instant-On holster, the Reactor instantly activates, allowing you to focus on the threat, and not on a button.”

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