BLACKHAWK! Under The Radar Pouches
(Photo by BLACKHAWK)

Carrying multiple electronic devices brings with it the danger that technologically savvy criminals might gain access to sensitive material. Fortunately, BLACKHAWK! has stepped in and is now offering their brand new Under The Radar Pouches, which stop unwanted scans of personal and financial information stored on RFID chips found in many credit cards, IDs and passports.

According to the press release, the Under The Radar Pouches utilize Zero Trace signal blocking technology by inserting a device into the lined pocket and closing the adjustable hook and loop closure, which prevents any signal transmission. “The electromagnetic interior lining blocks signals including any GPS-enabled devices,” the press release reads. Law enforcement can also use these pouches to store seized electronic devices and protect evidence.

“Electronic devices emit signal even when turned off,” said BLACKHAWK! Tactical Accessories Product Manager Chris Laack. “We developed the Under the Radar Pouches to block incoming and outgoing signals. This protects valuables from detection and shields against unwanted reading of information on the RFID chips found in many credit cards, IDs and passports.”

A number of different phones, wallets, passports, tablets and laptop computers can be stored in BLACKHAWK! Under The Radar Pouches. MSRP ranges from $14.99 to $149.99, depending on the model. See below.

Description / MSRP

* Under the Radar Cell Phone Pouch / $14.99
* Under the Radar Oversized Cell Phone Pouch / $16.99
* Under the Radar Passport Pouch / $19.99
* Under the Radar iPad Pouch / $29.99
* Under the Radar 13” Laptop Pouch / $42.99
* Under the Radar 15” Laptop Pouch / $47.99
* Under the Radar 17” Laptop Pouch / $52.99
* Under the Radar Courier Bag / $149.99

For more information about the new BLACKHAWK! Under the Radar pouches, and the full range of products currently offered by BLACKHAWK!, please visit

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