There’s no denying that a school shooting is every parent’s worst nightmare. But while the scenario of an active shooter descending on a group of innocent and unarmed children, teachers and staff may be horrific, it is unfortunately something one must be prepared for. On, Scott Wagner takes the reader through three tips for surviving a school shooting. It is vital that parents teach these steps to their children.

The first tip in the event of a school shooting is to make a quick escape, if possible.

“The primary option for students would be for them to flee the scene, especially if the shooting is occurring a reasonable distance away from their location,” Wagner writes. “The active shooter would like nothing better than to find a group of kids or adults huddled together in fear, making themselves an easy target. If it is possible, your children need to escape regardless of what the teacher is saying. You should visit your child’s school and know their classroom area.

“Teach them to be aware of their surroundings. Where is the closest exit? Can they escape through classroom windows? Architects, environmentalists, school boards and planners have done us all a great disservice by building schools with windows that can’t be opened (like they used to) or easily knocked out. Some windows are so small that only the smallest children could escape. And the drive to “go green” has resulted in such heavily tinted windows that even if the glass area was large enough for a law enforcement countersniper to get a good view of the interior, there is no way they can see inside due to the energy-saving tinting.”

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