A man riding a bicycle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the victim of an attempted armed robbery, and the whole thing was captured on a GoPro camera. Watch the footage below.

In the video, the man can be seen riding a bike down a street in broad daylight when suddenly another man on a motorcycle approaches, pulls out a handgun, points it directly at him and starts demanding the backpack. The victim, who doesn’t speak spanish, assumed the suspect wanted his bike, but the man actually wanted the camera gear located inside the backpack.

After arguing back and forth for a few seconds, the victim manages to run away and find a police officer.

According to the Daily Mail, the victim is Canadian tourist Alex Hennessy. Hennessy, part of a group called Global Degree — whose mission it is to visit every country around the world — was on a bike tour when the incident occurred. He later uploaded the footage to Global Degree’s YouTube channel, which contains numerous videos of their travels. So far, they’ve visited Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Nicaragua and Argentina.

“I was on a bike tour in a rough part of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in broad daylight when a thief attempted to steal my camera gear at gunpoint,” the YouTube description reads. “I miraculously happened to be recording with a gopro on my forehead and captured this amazing piece of footage!!”

In addition to his GoPro camera, Hennessy was also carrying an expensive Canon camera which was hanging out of his backpack, which the would-be robber undoubtedly saw, the Daily Mail reported.

On their Facebook page, Global Degree described the footage as “jaw-dropping” and said the footage was given to police, who later arrested the suspect.

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