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10 Tips on How to Carry Concealed With a Full Size Gun

Pocket pistols are all the rage right now, but that doesn’t mean carrying a full size pistol has gone out of style. For those who prefer to go big or go home, the extra magazine capacity, larger grip, reduced recoil and longer sight radius makes the full size a more appealing option. If you’re choosing a full size semi-auto for concealed carry, there are a few things you need to know. Below are 10 tips for practicing concealed carry with a full size gun.


1. Use a quality, purpose-built belt.

2. Use a quality, weight-supporting holster designed for your handgun.

3. Look for firearms that offer snag-free designs.

4. Carry extra mags/lights on your off side to help distribute weight.

5. Bend at the knees, instead of the hips, to lessen printing.

6. Opt for polymer or other lightweight frames to save weight.

7. Opt for a thin gun even if using a full size model.

8. Choose an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster that rides high and tight.

9. Buy pants in the proper size.

10. Choose a proper cover garment.


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