I did all my standard exercises for the Kimber Master Carry Pro using two IWB Tuckable holsters: the Bianchi Allusion Series Suppression and the DeSantis SOF-TUCK.

THE BIANCHI ALLUSION: The Model 135 Suppression holster is built using Bianchi’s lamination process to bond premium leather and a thermal-molded polymer interior. On the rear of this low-riding holster is a liner that includes comfortable foam, which arrives with an anti-microbial mesh coating. It includes two C-clips to grasp the belt, which allows for tucking the shirt inside the waistband.

DESANTIS SOF-TUCK: While holding the Master Carry Pro securely, thanks to the molding and a minimal detent in the triggerguard, DeSantis’ SOF-TUCK bears a strong resemblance to Bruce Nelson’s Summer Special, yet it offers an adjustable cant and the ability to carry a large pistol beneath a tucked shirt. The suede exterior aids in keeping the holster in position and the reinforced top allows for one-hand reholstering.

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