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(Photo by Alpha Combatives)

Martial arts academy Alpha Combatives is set to hold their Women’s Self Defense Seminar, Level 1, at 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 25 at European Martial Arts Academy in Alexandria, VA.

According to, the beginners-level seminar starts with the students learning to adjust moves a majority of women use and “think beyond the overly utilized and expected kick to the groin.” After that, students will participate in a series of common scenarios that women encounter. It is especially catered towards women in the DC-Metro area based on recent polls and research. This seminar teaches women basic self-defense techniques which will help women escape a potentially dangerous situation. There is no ground grappling or rape scenarios at this class.

“Training under Alpha means you get the whole package: the diversity of knowledge, teaching skill, and 25 years of martial arts experience,” the statement on reads. “The seminar is designed to empower you, increase your awareness, and provide you some powerful foundational moves that can be applied in numerous scenarios. No matter your background, body type, or experience level, the Alpha instructors will show you that you can be safe and defend yourself.”

The seminar is limited to 10 students, which ensures that you’ll receive proper one-on-one training with the instructor. The minimum age to participate is 18. The cost of attendance is $35 per person. Students are encouraged to wear work-out attire.

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