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(Photo by Atlantic Marksmen Ammunition)

The following press release was issued by Atlantic Marksmen Ammunition

Atlantic Marksmen, a new ammunition company from Gulfport, Mississippi, announced today that Blue August will be handling all public relations efforts on their behalf.

“We are excited about the launch of our new products” says Olivier Scherlofsky of Atlantic Marksmen.“ Our ammunition is made of high-end US and European components and we have positioned ourselves to become one of the leaders in new technology ammunition. With the help of Blue August, we feel we can quickly educate the population on our process, our ammunition and our company.”

Atlantic Marksmen is based on the US-American POLYCASE® projectile technology, loaded in European high-performance Lapua® brass in the USA. Atlantic Marksmen is the exclusive premium line of the POLYCASE® technology; merging POLYCASE®´s new technology with Lapua´s highest established industry standards in accuracy and reliability. POLYCASE®´s technology utilizes specific metal/polymer matrices and advanced injection molding systems, merging the power of copper and other selected metals with the design flexibility and accuracy of high end injection molding. Atlantic Marksmen cartridges enable a low recoil fast follow-up shooting with outstanding accuracy. The technology provides strong defense capacities. The projectile characteristics in combination with very high velocity cause strong energy, deep penetration and powerful temporary cavity effects.

The ammunition line will be available mid to late October 2014, and will be released as 9mm round, with many other platforms to immediately follow.

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