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A Colorado gun club is set to hold a concealed carry class designed specifically for educators.

According to Guns.com, Centennial Gun Club, located roughly 45 miles outside of Denver in Centennial, Colo., will host the event on Nov. 8. It is completely free of charge and open to school staff, including teachers, administrators and food service workers. The first part of the class involves six hours of classroom training in a private hangar at a local airport. That portion will be presented by Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler, Esq. and Sherriff David Walcher. The second part involves range training with 45 certified firearms instructors at Centennial Gun Club, where firearms will be provided. The only costs for the training are $20 for ammo and targets, and an optional $5.36 for a Chick-Fil-A lunch, Guns.com reported.

In a statement, Centennial Gun Club CEO Dick Abramson said he was organizing the class as a response to the “ongoing epidemic of school shootings and other illegal gun violence perpetrated in gun-free zones throughout the US.”

“We have seen cowardly and heinous acts perpetrated on our children, teachers, and others in gun-free zones. We cannot continue to leave our children – our future – defenseless in the face of such attacks,” said Paul Stanley, Manager at Centennial Gun Club. “Training our educators on how to use firearms safely will help them gain confidence and competence in the handling and use of firearms and could prevent the next Columbine, the next Sandy Hook.”

As the press release notes, more than 360 people have already signed up for the class, of which 70 percent are female. To register, visit http://www.centennialgunclub.com

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