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Fist Inc's carry rig for the Smith & Wesson M&P by Bowie Tactical Concepts.

A great gun needs a great holster, and with that in mind, I contacted Fist, Inc. of Brooklyn, New York. Fist is truly a custom shop and will craft your holster to meet your particular needs. Best of all, Fist prices are very reasonable.

Find Your Fist

Fist not only makes holsters for all the popular pistols and revolvers, but quite a few offbeat choices as well. With Fist, the end user can specify cant, ride and tension screws and select from a wide variety of colors. Fist turns out leather and Kydex designs as well as a unique Hybrid line that combines the two materials.

Fist #12

For the Smith & Wesson M&P .40 by Bowie Tactical Concepts, I selected a #12, the Fist rendition of the classic pancake-style belt scabbard. The #12 is hard-molded in 8-9 ounce vegetable-tanned cowhide and features quite a bit of hand boning to outline the unique contours of the pistol. Fit is absolutely precise and no superfluous safety straps are needed to retain the pistol.

When requesting this holster, I asked for a neutral rather than a butt-forward FBI rake. For me, this serves two purposes. First of all, it gets the pistol off my perpetually sore hip and enables me to carry it all day in comfort. It also makes for a very fast draw as the wrist is locked the second the hand acquires the grip. The gun can quickly be lifted from the holster with no superfluous motion.

Final Fist Pump

My #12 is finished in a rich medium brown and is the perfect companion for the Bowie M&P. Under a light jacket, concealment qualities are very good as this scabbard breaks up the outline of the pistol. It’s hard to take issue with a sharp-looking, fast-draw holster that is discreet and provides all-day comfort.

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