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Pinellas County is one of five Florida counties currently testing the state’s ‘Fast-Track’ concealed carry process.

According to a press release issued by GunHandbags.com, the Pinellas County Tax Collector’s office launched its new fast-track program for concealed carry permits earlier this month. For a $22 fee, the Tax Collector’s office will process the applications, which includes handling fingerprinting and a photo ID for the permit holder.

The fast-track applicant has to meet the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ requirements, a Patch.com article cited by GunHandbags.com revealed. The applicant also has to meet firearms training requirements. The regular CCW permit fees for fingerprinting and license, which total $112, must also be paid.

If you’re looking to avoid the long lines and paper work associated with obtaining a concealed carry permit, you’d be well advised to check out the Fast-Track program. GunHandbags.com is reporting that the Fast-Track process is proving to be a hit in the new test location of Pinellas County.

“We’re big believers that all women as well as men should be able to protect themselves and anything that makes that process faster and smoother is a bonus,” said Mary Kirkpatrick of GunHandbags.com. “We know the need is there.”

The Clearwater office in Pinellas County is located at 315 Court Street. An appointment can be made by calling 727-464-7777 or visiting http://www.taxcollect.com/cwp.

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