Guncrafter Industries, Guncrafter Industries model no. 5
Guncrafter Industries Model No. 5
(Photo by Guncrafter Industries/Facebook)

The following press release was issued by Guncrafter Industries

Guncrafter Industries expands the “M” series of pistols built to handle the powerful 50 GI to include the Model No. 5.

The “M5” is based on the already successful Concealed Carry Option “CCO” offering a truly “Big Bore Compact.” Guncrafter Industries’ new Model No. 5 gives a new option to the Compact Pistol that seems so sought after today and now available as a .50 caliber. This new addition to the 50 GI line-up offers the discerning customer a real fighting caliber in a package that makes it easy for daily carry. The new “M5” is based on the Concealed Carry Option or “CCO” that marries a commander length slide to the compact frame for the best of both worlds. Whether slipping it into your IWB holster for a day’s work, or just to keep you and yours safe in the world today.

The “M5” is built from a forged slide, frame, and barrel with all the features and attention to detail you are accustomed to seeing in the pistols from Guncrafter’s cadre of gunsmiths. It shares all the hallmarks of its predecessors sporting a heavy bushingless barrel and solid match trigger that Guncrafter has become known for making vogue again. This pistol will be expertly built, removing all the sharp edges that can make concealed carry challenging. A heavy round-butt treatment and slim-line grips are hallmarks of this Guncrafter Industries working pistol. This pistol means business, as if the bore diameter didn’t already tell you. Options are plentiful so let them know how you want yours built today and join the 50 GI Club.

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