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A Houston-area homeowner was forced to use his personal defense firearm to take down two home invaders.

According to ABC-13, the victim was at his home in Katy, Texas at about 1 pm on Thursday when three armed men burst in.

The victim — who lives at the home with five friends — was there with the son of one of his roommates, and the suspects proceeded to tape their wrists and ankles while they ransacked the house.

“I looked up once 15 minutes into it and the guy said if you look up again we’ll kill you,” the victim said.

While the suspects were in another room, the victim managed to untie himself and get to his gun safe.

“I had the gun and pointed it at the door and the door opened. I unloaded on them,” he said.

The victim shot two of the three suspects before they fled the home.

“The first unit did arrive and was able to engage one of the suspects and take him into custody, while another did flee and was later found a block and a half away,” said Sgt. Rico Castillo with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

As ABC-13 reports, the two suspects were transported to an area hospital to be treated for their injuries.

The third suspect is still at large.

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