Keep Calm and Carry — an Oregon-based company that offers a host of firearms training classes — is set hold a concealed carry class for those looking to obtain their Oregon Concealed Handgun License or Utah Concealed Firearms Permit.

According to the description, this class provides students with a fundamental understanding of handgun safety, as well as the rights, responsibilities and laws which come with carrying a concealed handgun in multiple states.

The class will cover a number of different subjects, including basic handgun safety, tactical issues, concealed carry firearm selection tips, ammunition, holsters, gun free zones, reciprocity, cleaning, storage, firearm transport, justifiable force, criminal and civil liability, how to interact with law enforcement, and how to apply for your permit.

“Our process starts with issuing you a packet of information, an application for your permit, and fingerprint cards that you will need,” the description reads. “We will do your fingerprinting, take your passport photo and make copies of your driver’s license before class starts. We do this so that upon completion of this class, you will have a complete packet which you can submit to Utah BCI (Bureau of Criminal Identification) with your payment. You will also have all the information you need to obtain your Oregon CHL from your local Sheriff’s department.”

Though the class is scheduled to be two and a half hours long, there will be a question and answer session when the class is over.

It’s important to note that this class being offered by Keep Calm and Carry is not a live firing class. As such, there is no need to bring a firearm with you.

The concealed carry class is set for Monday, October 6 at 7 p.m. at the Honey Toast Cafe in Beaverton, OR. The cost of attending is $65. You can save $5 by pre-registering online here.

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