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While traditionally known for its 1911 designs, Kimber recently introduced its new pepper gel model, the PepperBlaster II. Pull the trigger on this ultra-compact unit and it fires a dose of powerful gel up to 13 feet at over 90 miles per hour. A blast like that easily penetrates through any mask, bandana or around any type of glasses an attacker might be wearing.

Since the formulation is a gel rather than the usual aerosol, there is much less blowback and wind dispersal, making this weapon much safer for its carrier and any bystanders who would normally be at risk of catching a whiff of the spray. This is very lucky, because Kimber has formulated its gel with 10-percent capsaicin (made from cayenne peppers) to produce a potent blend that instantly causes severe coughing, nausea and blindness for up to 45 minutes. At its full range of 13 feet, the gel disperses to cover only about a 2-foot-wide zone. At its minimum distance of 2 feet, the gel zone is only a few inches wide, which is perfect for zeroing in on an attacker’s face.

The PepperBlaster uses a unique firing system that sets it apart from other defensive sprays. Instead of storing the spray under pressure and releasing it when fired, the PepperBlaster’s gel is not pressurized. When the trigger is pulled, a power-driven piston expels the gel at high speed, resulting in a much more powerful blast than regular pepper spray. Each PepperBlaster unit contains two capsules of gel, and pulling the trigger expels the entire capsule. You therefore get two shots per unit, but they’re powerful shots, capable of completely coating and disabling an attacker. Best of all, since the spray isn’t pressurized, its lifetime is much longer than ordinary pepper spray.

The PepperBlaster II improves on the original PepperBlaster with a few modifications that make it easier to grasp and fire. Instead of a plain square shape, the new model has a small pistol grip that makes it second nature to orient it in your hand and hold on to it. This is particularly valuable for people who carry their spray in a purse or backpack, where it might flip over or get turned around. The grip instantly tells you which way to hold the spray so it faces the attacker.

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