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In an effort to learn how to protect themselves using a firearm, more women are going to shooting ranges in Oklahoma City.

“You always walk out at night, if you are working late, and it is dark. You always have that, you know, fear in the back of your mind that anyone could be there,” Tonya Casey, an Oklahoma nurse looking to upgrade her gun, told FOX 25.

As FOX 25 reports, women-only classes are becoming the norm in places like Wilshire Gun and H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City. The former offers ladies-only handgun classes which have proven to be very popular, as more women are looking to buy a handgun and learn how to use it properly.

“A lot of women actually come through here asking about our classes. We do offer ladies handgun classes. That even helped me a lot,” Wilshire Gun employee Breana Saxton told FOX 25.

According to FOX 25, local women are on alert due to recent high profile violent crimes, such as the beheading of Colleen Hufford in Moore, Oklahoma, and the disappearance and murder of Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter.

“The awareness level is high, I mean, keep in mind that we tend to want to think that crime won’t touch us. They are beginning to see that it can, and they just want to be prepared, and they want to be conscious of that,” said H&H Shooting Sports Founder Miles Hall.

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