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Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 10mm Auto
(Photo by Liberty Ammunition)

Liberty Ammunition, a Florida-based manufacturer of lead-free ammunition for the military, law enforcement and civilian markets, is expanding its Civil Defense line with the addition of the 10mm Auto round.

Designed for personal defense, tactical use and hunting, the 10mm Auto packs a punch. As the press release notes, it achieves approximately twice the velocity of standard 10mm ammunition, three times the terminal effect, 30% more energy transfer, and reductions in felt recoil while simultaneously reducing the weight of all loaded weapons.

During testing, the Civil Defense 10mm Auto achieved velocities greater than 2,400 FPS, creating 780 FPE. Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense line features nickel-plated, solid copper projectiles and nickel-plated brass cases.

“Liberty’s deep cavity, hollow-point projectile is designed to fragment in soft tissue, resulting in a much greater transfer of kinetic energy to the target while providing three times the terminal effects of traditional, lead-based ammo in comparable calibers,” the press release reads. “Due to the proprietary design of the projectile and its solid copper construction, Civil Defense ammunition also provides exceptional performance on hard targets such as drywall, car doors, auto glass and leather/denim without sacrificing any performance in soft tissue.”

Civil Defense 10mm Auto is available in a 20-round box from Liberty Ammunition at an MSRP of $34.99. See below for specifications.

Civil Defense 10mm Auto Specifications

* Description: Copper Monolithic, Hollow-Point, Fragmenting, Lead-Free, Personal Defense Round
* Weight: 60 gr.
* Velocity: >2,400 FPS
* Kinetic Energy: >780 FPE
* Accuracy: >2” @ 25mtrs
* Terminal Effect: 4 -1/2” W x 12” D
* MSRP (20 rd box): $34.99

For more information about the 10mm Auto, and the full range of products currently offered by Liberty Ammunition, please visit

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