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LockState's RemoteLock 500i WiFi Door Lock
(Photo by LockState)

Colorado-based LockState, a leading manufacturer of access control systems for commercial and residential properties, has released a host of products under its RemoteLock Access Control System (ACS) umbrella, including the RemoteLock 500i WiFi Door Lock. This innovative device connects directly to WiFi routers, allowing the user to monitor and control access to the home from an internet connected smartphone or computer. The RemoteLock 500i WiFi Door Lock, which boasts a lighted keypad capable of operating in any weather condition, allows the user to easily program up to 200 users. Temporary guest codes with start and end dates/times can also be added. The user will receive text or email alerts when people enter the property. See below for a video, and full rundown of features and specs.


* WiFi enabled lock connects directly to your existing router
* Weather resistant lighted keypad
* One-touch lock bottom to quickly lock door on way out
* Up to 200 user codes available
* Up to 10 temporary guest codes can be programmed at one time
* View access history in real time from your account
* Add or delete users and lock or unlock your door remotely
* Set scheduled access times for users (Eg. M-F, 9-5)
* Lockout functionality


* Lock Weight: 3LB
* Power Source: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
* Keypad: Lighted Keypad
* Handle: Reversible Thumb Turn
* Door Thickness: 1 3/8″ to 2″
* Keyway: Schlage C6
* Temperature: -20 to 120 degrees F (-34 to 50C)
* Front Lock Height: 5″
* Front Width: 3″
* Back Height: 7 1/2″
* Back Width: 2 3/4″
* Key Hole to Top of Lock: 2 3/7″
* Low Battery Warning: 4.0V

For more information about the RemoteLock 500i WiFi Door Lock, and other products offered by RemoteLock, please visit http://www.remotelockacs.com

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