Mitchell’s Mausers — a California-based company that sells historical & modern firearms such as Mauser rifles, P-08 Luger pistols, P38 autos, 1911 autos and more — is introducing two new rifle accessories every gun owner ought to have: a folding Rifle Display Stand and a Portable Folding Target Stand.

The new display stand is made of solid wood and padded to protect the rifle. It is capable of solidly holding a majority of rifles. In addition, it can be used with its natural wood finish, or it can be stained to match the end user’s display room. Normally the cost is $39.95, but Mitchell’s Mausers is now offering this display stand at a price of $29.95.

As the product listing notes, the Portable Folding Target Stand is perfect for taking out to any location where it is legal to target practice. This target stand is easily portable and folds easily when it’s not being used. It boasts an all-steel construction and is powder coated, making it built to last. It also has Nylon feet. The end user can simply purchase two 1” x 2” wood strips to insert into the target stand. It even comes with two locking screws to keep the wood in place. The wood strips are standard items at most any hardware store. Staple your target to the wood strips, set the stand out to the distance and you’re good to go. It is currently on sale for $59.96.

Features: Target Stand

* Easily Portable.
* Folds Nicely when not in use.
* Latches open. Latches closed.
* Strong, all steel construction, powder coated. Nylon feet.
* Durable enough to last a lifetime.

For more information about the Rifle Display Stand, the Portable Folding Target Stand, and the full range of products currently offered by Mitchell’s Mausers, please visit

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