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For the Fall 2014 issue of PERSONAL & HOME DEFENSE, author Scott Conditt examined numerous examples of cutting-edge home defense technology and how variations of each could be obtained by homeowners on any budget. Among the topics covered in Conditt’s article were safe rooms, drone defense and basic perimeter controls for your home.

“The simplest measures—high fences topped with foreboding barbs, barking attack dogs and visible security cameras—often send the clearest signals to crooks: Stay out. This subliminal projection of a secured environment is by design,” noted Conditt in his article. “Some of the more technologically advanced monitoring devices include thermal imaging and infrared motion-sensing cameras, license plate scanners, seismic and pressure sensors for fencing and walkways, and two-way audio features for relaying verbal commands or triggering alarms.”

In his discussion of safe rooms, Conditt was impressed by the exacting standard to which modern safe rooms could be retrofitted into a home. This section included a range of options for homeowners, from high-priced panic rooms to hidden compartments meant to provide quick access to firearms during a home invasion.

“Retreating into a fortified position within an estate in the event the exterior is breached is as ageless as the ‘castle keep’ itself. When falling back to an ultimate stronghold is determined to be the next best move there’s the luxury safe room. Keeping this room covered and concealed is a brilliant feat of artistic engineering unto itself,” said Conditt. “The safe rooms themselves may be simple vaults for storage of priceless valuables, or elaborately designed, fully stocked long-term bunkers for hunkering down in the event of a doomsday scenario.”

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