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For the Fall 2014 issue of PERSONAL & HOME DEFENSE, author Dennis Adler provided a number of clothing and holster options to meet your concealed carry needs year-round. With selections ranging from shoulder holsters and concealment T-shirts to pocket holsters, Adler sought to find a concealed carry solution for every season.

“For those who have to remove their jacket frequently there is 
one very interesting alternative, a shoulder holster undershirt or concealment T-shirt,” said Adler. “The designs vary according to need and gun type, but they all work the same way. The 5.11 Tactical holster shirts uses a shoulder yoke design to support the weight of heavier guns, while the Kramer and UnderTech designs use an elastic holster pouch sewn to the undershirt (usually one on each side). The only drawback to this type of undercover holster is that the outer shirt must be unbuttoned in order to retrieve the firearm. A concealment T-shirt can also be worn under an unbuttoned, lightweight summer shirt in warmer weather, to facilitate 
carry without a conventional holster.”

Pocket holsters were another area of focus during Adler’s review, as these designs offer easy carry for compact firearms with a variety of clothing choices.

“When temperatures rise, holsters and guns can become a burden. The previously mentioned shoulder holster undershirts are a given here, but there is one other popular option for subcompacts that works perfectly in the summer
and just about 
all year long: the pocket
 holster,” noted Adler. “Pocket rigs are made for small semi-
autos and revolvers and designed for easy carry in a front trouser or jeans pocket. Materials range from leather…to keep the holster secure in the pocket on the draw, while others use a combination of nylon for the inside and a synthetic exterior with a rubberized texture to keep the holster upright and secure in the pocket.”

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