With survival prepping becoming a concern for a growing number of Americans, author Dave Campbell examined a unique collection of emergency gear from Taurus—the First 24. Showcasing a Judge revolver chambered in .45 LC/.410, the kit also includes items like a fire-starter, a flashlight and the Sting survival knife from Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) to ensure its user makes it through the first 24 hours of an emergency.

“Introduced as the First 24 kit, this system certainly isn’t everything anyone would need, but the items in it are things virtually anyone would need in an emergency. The First 24 is centered around a Taurus revolver, either the Judge in .45 Colt/.410 (as I tested) or a Model 617 chambered in .357 Magnum,” said Campbell. “The revolver, of course, is the centerpiece of the kit, and I chose the Judge for my evaluation. First of all, I like the .45 LC/.410 chambering. The .45 LC is an excellent self-defense cartridge, and the Judge’s ability to also handle 2½-inch .410 shotshells gives it added versatility.”

The inclusion of CRKT’s Sting blade brought another level of utility to the First 24 kit, and Campbell was impressed by the survival blade’s durable construction and finish. “This is 
a nice knife with a 3.25-inch, double-tapered blade that’s sharpened on both sides. The blade is black-oxide finished, and the handle is in the same tan earth tone like much of the rest of the kit. Attached to the knife’s lanyard hole is a 2.5-inch-long piece of two-tone, braided paracord. A ballistic nylon sheath with hook-and-loop fasteners provides a variety of ways to carry the knife.”

Moving his testing to the range, Campbell put the Judge through its paces to see its potential as a self-defense weapon. “This is a ‘get off me’ gun—a short-range, self-defense weapon with the versatility to serve as a short-range game getter as well. It’s power in a reasonably compact package that is small enough to allow its owner to carry it constantly without an unbearable load.”

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