For the Fall 2014 issue of PERSONAL & HOME DEFENSE, author Fred Mastison outlined awareness tactics to keep everyday citizens alert against deadly attacks. Among the tactics covered by Mastison was the color-coded “Condition” system laid forth by legendary firearms expert and trainer Colonel Jeff Cooper.

“Situational awareness is much more than some tactical, combat-centric skill set. It is as much of a lifestyle as it is a skill. The applications of this awareness are infinite and reach into all aspects of our daily lives,” said Mastison.

He continued, “Colonel Cooper designed a color code chart that associates levels of awareness to specific colors. By understanding how we process danger, we can formulate a method to train ourselves to be more aware,” noted Mastison. “The first color is white. Condition White represents a state of complete unawareness and unpreparedness. In this state you are oblivious to things going on around you and are exceedingly vulnerable to attack.”

The latter stages of Cooper’s “Condition” system were the primary focus of Mastison’s article, as he relayed the importance of living one’s daily life with a heightened awareness against possible attacks.

“The next level is yellow. Condition Yellow represents a state of relaxed alert. There is no specific, obvious threat present, but you are aware that danger is always a possibility. You are aware of people around you as well as the environment in general. Condition Yellow
is our goal state for everyday life,” said Mastison. “Next in line is Condition Orange. This is a heightened state of awareness in which you observe or are aware of a specific threat. In this condition, you are beginning to formulate possible responses to deal with the danger.”

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