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Tactical Rifles' 7mm-08 Classic Sporter

For the 2015 issue of GUN BUYER’S ANNUAL, author Jay Langston took a closer look at Tactical Rifles’ 7mm-08 Classic Sporter. In testing the classically styled powerhouse, Langston learned the rifle’s true long-range potential and why the makers chose its chambering for that specific task.

“Examining the rifle closely, it was evident that the action has the same footprint
 as a Remington 700, but in stainless steel and tuned to benchrest tolerances. A close look at the bolt revealed a very reliable M16-style extractor,” said Langston. “Another critical aspect to a Tactical Rifle is the attention to the recoil lug. A precision-ground recoil lug assures that the bearing surfaces between the action and the shoulder of the barrel meet squarely. And last but not least, the trigger is set up to break at precisely 2.5 pounds with no creep or overtravel.”

After examining the rifle, Langston was able to discuss the custom-grade rifle’s 7mm-08 cartridge with David Rooney, the owner of Tactical Rifles.

“Many of Tactical Rifles’ designs are chambered in .308, but Rooney deviated from the norm with his latest creation. ‘The .308 always seems to take center stage for a hunting cartridge and long-range rifles, but the .308 is a Jack of all trades and master of none,’ he said. ‘Why not reduce the bore diameter and use bullets with a better BC? The 7mm-08 has all the benefits of the .308. It doesn’t have the throat erosion of the 7mm mag, and the recoil is equal to a .308.’ He continued comparing the two cartridges, saying, ‘The .308 really struggles with wind beyond 800 yards, while the more slender 7mm bullets of the same weight have a higher BC and can buck the wind better out to 1,000 yards.’”

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