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Taylor’s Full Size And Compact Carry 1911s

The February 2015 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS featured Dennis Adler’s review of two new 1911 designs offered by Taylor’s & Co., the 1911-A1 FS Tactical (Full Size) and the Compact Carry. Adler found that these Taylor’s 1911s, both chambered in .45 ACP and available in a variety of Cerakote finishes, delivered reliable self-defense solutions whether at home or for concealed carry.

“Based on Colt Series 70 designs, Taylor’s 1911s are built to the company’s exact specifications and exhibit fine fit, finish and sturdy build quality. The guns have exceptionally close tolerances between the outer dimension of the slide and the inner dimension of the frame rails for a solid fit that goes beyond the price point. Shake a Taylor’s 1911 and there isn’t a sound. You can’t say that 
for every 1911 on the market today,” noted Adler. “The Tactical models also come with heavy-duty recoil springs and full-length guide rods, two features that are generally add-on options on 1911s.”

The easy-to-use controls on the Full Size and Compact Carry guns impressed Adler, particularly the pistols’ safeties and slide releases.

“While familiarizing myself with the gun before the range test I found the checkered magazine release very easy to operate, as were the slide releases, even without a loaded magazine. The elongated, ambidextrous safety on the Full Size was very easy to operate and locked/unlocked with a firm click. This also applied to the single, GI-style thumb safety on the Compact Carry,” said Adler. “The smooth operation of the safeties and slide releases provided further signs of each gun’s quality of fit. The G10 grips and grip strap serrations provided a solid, tactile surface for bare hands and tactical gloves. Overall, these are two 1911s that look and feel like custom-built guns.”

To read the full article, check out the February 2015 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, available on newsstands October 28th, 2014. To subscribe, go to https://www.personaldefenseworld.com/subscribe.

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