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The nationally-recognized Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) program is proving to be a hit at the University of Texas at Tyler campus.

According to the Patriot Talon, a RAD class was held in the University’s Physical and Health Education building for women aged 13 years and older on Oct. 1. The class starts with techniques focused on awareness, prevention, and risk reduction, before advancing to basic hands-on self-defense training.

Students flocked to the class. Junior computer science major Elizabeth Correa said she signed up for RAD to learn how to become less vulnerable in her everyday life, the Patriot Talon said. Meanwhile, Caitlyn Hughes, a sophomore at Tyler Junior College, said she wanted to learn how to harness her strengths and take control of her safety.

Students learn the vulnerable locations of an attacker, including eyes, nose and groin, as well as different punches and kicks, as well as ways to escape a hold.

“If someone comes after me and I try to use force against him, I’m going to lose. I have to know where to hit him, and how to get away without just trying to use brute strength, because compared to him, I have none,” RAD instructor Kelly Jackman told the Patriot Talon.

RAD is open to people of all ages, so the classes teach a variety of techniques, rather than just one move which would apply to everybody.

“Everyone has different punches, different kicks that they’re more comfortable with. So you learn what works best for your body. One thing isn’t going to work for everyone,” Jackman said.

The current RAD session at UT Tyler has already started, the Patriot Talon reported, but those who want more information and the location of future classes are encouraged to email RADinTyler@aol.com or call the University’s health science center at 903-877-5297.

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