(Photo by STW Krav Maga San Antonio)

The disappearance and murder of Beverly Carter, a 49-year-old real estate agent whose body was found in a shallow grave in Cabot, Arkansas just a few days ago, has prompted STW Krav Maga San Antonio to offer a one-day self-defense seminar for realtors and property managers.

According to the flyer, this class is designed to teach realtors a variety of self-defense techniques that can enable them to escape a potentially life-threatening situation. Students will also learn about common attacks which take place inside a house or an apartment.

This class offers “very effective, very devastating, combatives and techniques … strikes to the nose, eye gouges, throat gouges, punches, palm strikes, hammerfists, knees, kicks to the groin. Basic instinctive moves,” trainer Arthur Saucedo told KENS 5.

The class will take place at STW Krav Maga San Antonio located at 100 Crossroads Blvd, on Saturday, October 11 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students are encouraged to wear a t-shirt, long athletic pants and shoes. Do not wear jewelry. Water/hydration is a must. The cost of attendance is $30 per person for three hours of Krav Maga training.

As KENS 5 reports, the class is being marketed towards realtors, but it is open to anybody interested in learning effective self-defense techniques. Register for the class at STW1911.com.

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