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Tampa police have broken ground on a new $5.4 million gun range.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa police last had easy access to a firing range in 1995, but it soon closed after neighboring houses were accidentally hit with stray 9mm rounds.

Taking this into account, the new gun range will have walls and angled roofing to keep bullets inside, as well as sound-absorbing material to reduce gunfire noise. Early designs for the new range had no walls, roof, or noise reduction system. Original plans called for officers to shoot into an earthen berm, with a liner for keeping lead out of the ground.

The new range will boast 40 shooting lanes, and rounds will be “captured and recycled through an automated containment system,” the Tampa Bay Times noted. In addition, the range will have a classroom, offices and a “shoot house” with movable walls allowing officers to simulate different scenarios.

As the Times reports, there are 994 sworn officers in Tampa, all of whom must demonstrate proficiency with their service weapons once a year. The gun range project will be completed by November of 2015. Funds for the construction are coming from money seized in felony cases.

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