Team Bianchi's Kenda Lenseigne, kenda lenseigne
Team Bianchi's Kenda Lenseigne
(Photo by Facebook)

The following press release was issued by The Safariland Group

The Safariland Group congratulates Team Bianchi shooter Kenda Lenseigne for another overall win at the 2014 Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association World Championship in Amarillo, Texas last weekend. After an outstanding overall championship win at the Lone Star Classic in Vernon, Texas the week before, Lenseigne blasted to another overall world championship win with her faithful American Quarter Horse, Lieutenant Justin. Charging into the arena with a pair of .45 Single Action Army revolvers and her Bianchi Smokechaser cowboy rig, she recovered from a shaky fourth stage to clinch the title and collect the Championship buckle.

Lenseigne rode clean on a combined five stages to take the Overall win. She credits her efficient gun handling to Bianchi’s superior gear and noted, “With so much on the line in such a short amount of stage time, it’s imperative that all components come together flawlessly and my Bianchi gun leather gives me the confidence to perform with perfection.”

Lenseigne has been a Bianchi Team member for four years and has worked together with The Safariland Group to design the Bianchi Cowboy line – a very successful collection of mounted shooting holsters. “Seeing so many of the competitors at the World Championship using Bianchi rigs was an extremely gratifying experience. Unlike other sports, anyone from a complete novice to a top competitor can get their hands on the exact same gear,” said Lenseigne.

“We are all very proud of Kenda and Justin. It is a joy to watch them work together at these speeds and it is simply amazing to see everything come together for her to clinch the win,” said Scott Carnahan, Vice President, Equipment Marketing for Safariland and Bianchi. “Congratulations Kenda and thank you for being such an ambassador to the sport.”

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