Demand for the venerable 1911 pistol remains steady after all these years, and is even increasing in some cases.

Numerous new designs in the handgun market have done little to slow the popularity of the 1911 pistol. It remains one of the most concealable, accurate and easy-to-shoot pistols on the market today. Choices abound with numerous compact and even subcompact models available.

Top competitors, tactical operators and enthusiasts alike continue to use full-sized 1911 pistols in various calibers and designs to great effect. Any talk of its demise, or even decrease in its popularity, is just that—talk—because the 1911 is selling in record numbers with no indication that will change any time soon.

One of the most popular moves among manufacturers in the last couple years has been to the more-affordable-to-shoot 9mm cartridge, and the 1911 is no exception

Increasingly efficient for self-defense, the 9mm is subsequently becoming the caliber of choice for many. Advances in machining, construction and demand have provided several solid 1911 pistols in this caliber. Easy concealment, soft recoil and incredible accuracy make the 1911 platform an excellent choice for this caliber.

Let’s take a quick look at some top choices for 9mm 1911 pistols for self-defense and concealed carry.

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