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“Top Gun” Tori Nonaka is the youngest woman to win Nationals two years in a row.
(Photo by Aaron Nonaka)

The following press release was issued by Glock

Team GLOCK’s Tori Nonaka once again captured the USPSA Lady’s Championship, taking the Limited Class and B Division National titles home for 2014.

The Back-to-Back ladies champion took the Limited 10 title in 2013 marking the record books as the youngest female competitor (now age 19) to win a National title. The 2014 Nationals took place at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park near St. George, UT. The annual practical shooting competition brings together the four handgun disciplines of USPSA and challenges competitors to solve 27 stages with speed and accuracy.

The weather was favorable for those who competed at the beginning of the week during the pre-match phase of the competition. By the week’s end, the region was hit by unseasonably cool temperatures, higher than normal winds, and rain – a lot of rain. “Ideal conditions existed earlier in the week but the conditions leading up to the weekend pairings were sloppy,” noted the exuberant Nonaka. “Winning the championship with these disadvantages makes the title that much sweeter for me. The scoring was close, but as I see it, I shot the match just as I wanted to shoot it, at my pace and with precision.”

Next up for TEAM GLOCK is the IPSC World Championship, which will be held in Frostproof, FL, on October 3, 2014. “The IPSC World Shoot is a once in a life time opportunity for any shooter,” explained Team Captain KC Eusebio. Taking place once every three years and typically on foreign soil, the IPSC worlds will be held at the Universal Shooting Academy, owned and operated by competitor Frank Garcia. “The best shooters have had this match on their calendars for three years and train relentlessly to bring their best game to this match.”

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