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A martial arts studio in Midland, Texas held its annual “Fight Like a Girl” self-defense seminar in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Monica Morse, co-owner and an instructor at Matthews Martial Arts, told NewsWest 9 this year’s event is personal for her, due to the fact that Cori, a member who had been attending classes since the beginning, passed away earlier this year due to breast cancer.

“Originally we just put our pink belts on and called everybody out and got the women together. It had a different meaning. This year, it had a total different twist for me,” Morse said.

As NewsWest 9 reports, Cori was one of the original six members at the dojo and helped start up the original “Fight Like a Girl” seminar.

“The Cori I know was strong and she fought and she was a competitor. So I wouldn’t want it to be sad. It’s bringing back the family unit. So that was one thing that was really important to Cori, too. She did it with her son and daughter,” Morse said.

Owner Jason Matthews told NewsWest 9 giving back to the community is a primary concern for his organization. The women’s self-defense seminar is just one way of doing that.

“It’s awesome. It’s one of my goals and passions is to give back to the community and be more than just your traditional karate instructor that just kicks and punches all day. But to make a difference. Black belt people but black belt people in life also,” Matthews said.

Aside from the seminar, which took place on Friday, Matthews Martial Arts aims to empower women daily with their range of popular classes.

“What I do on a daily basis here, forget just this event, is I empower women everyday to take yourself to the front. You can’t be your best unless you are doing things for you. You are taking care of you. So that’s my goal,” Morse said.

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